Update on my last rant (Perl PAR::Packer sucks) – it got better, thanks to Håkon Hægland on Stackoverflow

I was quite frustrated, because I really needed to be able to deploy a utility to about 30 people, and I could not see any way out.

I’m not sure, but I think the reason it didn’t work is that the author of PAR::Packer thinks including shared libraries are out of scope. For all I know, they are really out of scope. But I needed the shared SSL library to be able to perform the task.

I put a request out on Stackoverflow, and Håkon took it as a challenge. He was successful, and I am hugely thankful for that.

My failure was not seeing that App::PP::Autolink was a thing. Håkon asked the maintainer of PAR::Packer (Roderich Schupp) the question I didn’t think I could ask. Roderich knew the answer, and supplied it. Håkon used that to educate the world (and me) that yes there is an answer: App::PP::Autolink.

Thank you, Håkon. You made my world a better place. I hope your work makes many people’s world a better place.