The Rocket Mortgage web site is privacy hostile

If I have any sort of privacy controls enabled, the Rocket Mortgage web site does not work. They have some sort of cross-site scripting going on where they throw something at (which is actually a )

Even when I tell Firefox to keep everything together in the same container, Rocket Mortgage fails it. My only choice to get it to work is to disable all privacy controls.

Thanks, Rocket Mortgage. I simply love you for pimping out my data to advertising johns. Not.

Mimecast web site LOL

At work, I’ve been tasked with finding the best e-discovery software for an Office 365 environment. I found one document that shows Mimecast, Smarsh, and Proofpoint in Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant”.

Smarsh, my employer has looked at before, for mobile messaging.

Proofpoint, my employer currently uses, but for anti-spam / anti-virus and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) only.

Mimecast, I don’t know anything about. So I went to look at their web site.


Guess what doesn’t load worth crap if you have an ad-blocker?

uBlock Origins tells me it has blocked 53 ads and privacy invasion tracking bugs. And because of that the render of the web page is horrific.

Way to make a terrible first impression, guys.