Father’s Day Sale: dress shirts

I find that the best prices for dress shirts happen on Father’s Day. Here’s a list. If you don’t get them today / this weekend, plan ahead for next year.

Macy’s has a long sleeve shirt for $18 each. It’s a nice looking shirt, but I’m not shopping for long sleeve shirts.

JC Penny has a long sleeve Super Slim shirt for $17.50 (but it is ugly, in my opinion). They also have some clearance items in the $7.50 and $17 range JF J.Ferrar Mens Spread Collar Long Sleeve Stretch Fabric Dress Shirt. In my opinion, these look better, but I don’t really want long sleeve shirts. Also, I don’t fit in the “regular” size; I’m fatter than that. Van Heusen Stain Shield Mens Spread Collar Long Sleeve Stretch Fabric Wrinkle Free Dress Shirt for $14 – but again, for regular to slim fit. The blue one looks pretty good to me. JF J. Ferrar Mens Stretch Short Sleeve Broadcloth Slim Dress Shirt for $17 – nice that it’s short sleeve, but I’m not a slim fit.

Kohl’s has the Men’s Apt. 9® Untucked Button-Down Shirt for $17 (or perhaps $14.44 with a discount code). They do have XXL size, and six colors. So far, this is the best deal for me. Note free shipping if you buy $50 or more. The only thing I’m not really a fan of is that these shirts are 100% plastic; I prefer some cotton in my shirts. Then there are clearance items: Men’s Sonoma Goods For Life® Flannel Button-Down Shirt for $12.60 (or perhaps $10.71 with a discount code). If I lived up north, these would be great. But I live down in the desert (essentially) so I don’t need a Flannel shirt. Lastly, another clearance item: Men’s Sonoma Goods For Life® Perfect-Length Button-Down Shirt for $18 (or perhaps $15.30 with a discount code). Only one in my size, and I’m not looking for long sleeve shirts.

Joseph A. Banks – nothing less than $40 per shirt.

Nordstrom Rack – nothing less than $30 per shirt.

Perry Ellis – Untucked Roll Sleeve Linen Blend Tri-Color Stripe Shirt for $20. The color is nice, the fabric is nice, the price is not bad at all. It’s a little unusual cut of looking like a long sleeve but … it’s not. Then there is Untucked Total Stretch Slim Fit Solid Shirt for $20 (but it’s just the one color).

Dillards has Gold Label Roundtree & Yorke Non-Iron Slim-Fit Point Collar Solid Dress Shirt for $15. Long sleeve, and only available in black or white, but still not a bad deal.

Walmart has George Men’s Poplin Shirt with Short Sleeves for $13.50. Looking like a good deal: mostly cotton, short sleeves, large size, a variety of prints. There’s one that I do like. I think this bumps Kohl’s out of number one spot for me.

Costco has a sale on shirts – Tailor Vintage Men’s Short Sleeve Woven Shirt for $10. This is might even be better than the Walmart shirt. The print on the shirt doesn’t do much for me, but the price is right, and the material is mostly cotton. Then there is the Sierra Design Men’s Short Sleeve Woven Shirt for $13. TWO pockets – that might be handy. Same good material, and not bad colors. Lastly, Pacific Trail Men’s Long Sleeve Woven Shirt for $10. Great deal, and two pockets. Nice bright blue, but long sleeves.

I went with the Costco short sleeve Sierra Design shirts for $13 each. And yes, I ordered ten of them.