Papa Murphy’s website no longer works after Google block

I mentioned here how I added a filter to my browsing to block those annoying Google login pop-ups. I had successfully ordered take-and-bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s before implementing this filter. Today, I can no longer order pizza from them.

Even though I had previously placed an order, and can call up that order from my rewards profile, attempting to actually order anything takes me to a Google Maps page to identify where to pick up from. That page never finishes because of the new filter. Every attempt at adding something to my shopping cart fails because the operation cannot get past the check-in-with-google part.

Well, if I have to choose between keeping the filter in place versus ordering take-and-bake pizza, I’m keeping the filter in place. Which is a shame, because the previous pizza order turned out really well, and was reasonably priced.

44 Panda Express meals – three duplicate fortune cookies

I like Panda Express; particularly their “Super Greens” instead of the carbohydrates of rice or noodles. I also like fortune cookies.

I suppose when I say 44 Panda Express meals, that is incorrect: I know that at least once, perhaps twice, I’ve gotten two fortune cookies for my one meal. Whatever: it’s close enough.

Anyway, for some time now, I’ve been throwing the fortune cookies in a pile, and today I was cleaning up. Time to throw them all away … but why not read them again, first?

The three duplicates are:

  • An Admirer Is Concealing Affection For You
  • You Can Always Trust Your Friends
  • Avoid Unchallenging Occupations – They Waste Your Talents

My reaction to that first one is: “Nice!”

That second one simply says that I’m reasonably good at judging character and don’t make friends with people who aren’t trustworthy.

That third one is a problem for me. Ever since my job changed, I definitely feel unchallenged. I used to be the sole email administrator for a 5,000 person organization. We farmed that out to Microsoft, so all that is left for me to do is e-discovery. This is rarely interesting. I am so looking forward to retiring from work so I can take up exercise, programming, and community service. June 2026, I hope.

As far as the rest of the fortune cookies go, my favorites are:

  • Seek Out A Service Project That Uplifts Your Community
  • Only Your Expectations Can Slow You Down
  • Work Hard – Be Nice