Lightsail + Bitnami has changed the underlying image – I get to learn debian now :-)

So far, it’s been easy. I have a post about How to make Ubuntu have a nice bash shell like OpenSuSE and it barely needs any update.

But it does, a little.

sudo update-alternatives --config editor

In the menu that was presented to me, Option 2: 2 /usr/bin/vim.basic was the right one. There’s nothing there to tell me the difference between vim.basic versus vim.tiny (I wanted whatever vim.fullsuperduperthrowinallthebellsandwhistles is) – but vim.tiny was not it.

touch ~/.bash_aliases
vim ~/.bash_aliases
(insert mode)
alias ll="ls -la"
alias ..="cd .."

and lastly, the step that is the same:

sudo vim /etc/inputrc

Find my way down to where the comments say alternate mappings for “page up” and “page down” to search the history and then hit the x key a few times to delete the characters which comment out the functionality I want.

Log out, and log back in. It’s good. 🙂