Factorio to-do list (WIP)

On my next game, I think I am going to try these as my next set of blueprints, in order:

  1. Factorio Master Class (by Nilaus) (MSTR) – Jump Start 0.18 – Initial Assemblers
    1. This gets me red science, which lets me research:
      1. Automation
      2. Logistics
      3. Steel Processing
      4. Electronics
      5. Fast Inserter
      6. Green Science
      7. Military
      8. Gun Turret
  2. Early coal mining rig
  3. Early game smelting
    1. Well, this time I used the (MSTR) – Early Game Smelting – Copper and Iron blueprint, one each.
      1. Should have done three (or six)
  4. NRC’s Mining
  5. (MSTR) – Early Game Smelting – One more small one, but smelting Iron plates to Steel this time
  6. (MSTR) – Green/Red/Blue Circuits – Green [1]
    1. This task has a bootstrap problem; the blueprint calls for Medium Electric Poles, but those come from Electric Energy Distribution 1 below. 120 green science needed
      1. Medium Electric Poles require Steel ….
  7. (MSTR) – Science 1.5 – Automation
    1. This gets me green science, which lets me research:
      1. Electric Energy Distribution 1
        1. Steel power poles; which are needed for the 0.17 Big Mall below
      1. Automation 2
      2. Engine
      3. Advanced Material Processing
      4. Fluid Handling
      5. Oil Processing
      6. Plastics
      7. Sulfur Processing
      8. Battery
      9. Advanced Electronics
      10. Blue Science
  8. 0.17 Big Mall by SwaggoFlamingo
  9. (MSTR) – Science 1.5 – Military Science
    1. Not because I want it, but I’m probably going to need it.
  10. Now it gets a little difficult. The number one goal is to get to robots. That requires all of (MSTR) – Science 1.5 – Chemical Science – but Chemical Science has prerequisites. Namely:
    1. Oil (pre-req to plastic)
      1. I’m using Oil Processing which says This blueprint is part of the “Base-in-a-Book” Tutorial series by Nilaus
    2. Plastic (pre-req to red circuits)
      1. (MSTR) – Chemicals – Plastic with red belts
    3. Red Circuits
      1. (MSTR) – Green/Red/Blue Circuit Designs – Red Circuits 1
    4. (Although I did Blue Science first, I probably should have done Sulfur production first).
  11. The other thing blocking me from my number 1 goal (robots) is that I am running out of resources.
    1. To that end, I had to build rail, a station, a locomotive, ore cars, and I used Autotorio to build a smelting setup for an iron patch.
    2. Now I’m running out of coal.
  12. Nilaus suggests that I should have built Utility Science (Yellow) before building Chemical Science (Blue)
  13. (MSTR) – Science 1.5 – Chemical Science
    1. This gets me blue science, which lets me research:
      1. Advanced Oil Processing
      2. Advanced Electronics 2
      3. Lubricant
      4. Electric Engine
      5. Low Density Structure
      6. Robotics
      7. Logistic Robotics
      8. Yellow Science
  14. (MSTR) – Science 1.5 – Utility Science
    1. A prerequisite is Blue Circuits
    1. This gets me yellow science, which lets me research:
      1. Logistic System
  15. I really like Autotorio, but that means researching Brick Walls is high priority.

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