NextCloud web on mobile: remove iOS App prompt

New update:

Log in to MySQL, and run this:

insert into oc_appconfig(appid,configkey,configvalue) values ('theming','iTunesAppId','');

There is a file in NextCloud, layout.user.php which pushes a link to the iOS app. I wish to remove that. It will come back, every time NextCloud pushes an update, so here is a note on how to remove it.

The file is (web root)/core/templates/layout.user.php

The three lines to delete are:

<?php if ($theme->getiTunesAppId() !== '') { ?>
<meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=<?php p($theme->getiTunesAppId()); ?>">
<?php } ?>

I don’t know if there is a setting anywhere in NextCloud which would let me simply disable the prompt to use the app. I don’t see such; so the fallback is to edit the source code. It would be nice if there were a setting stored in the database instead. When the NextCloud people publish an update, the recorded setting could keep the “Use The App!” prompt disabled. But I don’t think there is a setting I can get at which lets me control this.

That php code implies that the theme could have a setting; but I don’t see anything in the theme setting page for a flag of getiTunesAppId.

Mostly, I use the other pieces of NextCloud: Calendar, Tasks, Music, and Dashboard. For those, that “Use The App!” prompt is a waste of screen real estate on a platform that doesn’t have a lot of screen real estate to waste.

I wouldn’t terribly mind if the “Use The App!” prompt showed up if I were to visit the Files part of the NextCloud web UI: that’s the only thing the iOS app is good for. But I almost never use the Files part of NextCloud when on mobile.

I’ve asked the people in the NextCloud support forum if I’m missing something; this could be a solved problem already. If I get an answer back, I’ll update this post.

User dakkar-tn did answer my post with the database query above. I am very appreciative of his help.

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