44 Panda Express meals – three duplicate fortune cookies

I like Panda Express; particularly their “Super Greens” instead of the carbohydrates of rice or noodles. I also like fortune cookies.

I suppose when I say 44 Panda Express meals, that is incorrect: I know that at least once, perhaps twice, I’ve gotten two fortune cookies for my one meal. Whatever: it’s close enough.

Anyway, for some time now, I’ve been throwing the fortune cookies in a pile, and today I was cleaning up. Time to throw them all away … but why not read them again, first?

The three duplicates are:

  • An Admirer Is Concealing Affection For You
  • You Can Always Trust Your Friends
  • Avoid Unchallenging Occupations – They Waste Your Talents

My reaction to that first one is: “Nice!”

That second one simply says that I’m reasonably good at judging character and don’t make friends with people who aren’t trustworthy.

That third one is a problem for me. Ever since my job changed, I definitely feel unchallenged. I used to be the sole email administrator for a 5,000 person organization. We farmed that out to Microsoft, so all that is left for me to do is e-discovery. This is rarely interesting. I am so looking forward to retiring from work so I can take up exercise, programming, and community service. June 2026, I hope.

As far as the rest of the fortune cookies go, my favorites are:

  • Seek Out A Service Project That Uplifts Your Community
  • Only Your Expectations Can Slow You Down
  • Work Hard – Be Nice

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