Man, Imprivata sucks

I need the administration manual for Imprivata (they do hardware based single-sign on). If I search for Imprivata onesign administrator guide I get a document on the Imprivata web site which is a marketing fluff piece.

Really, Imprivata? This is how you want to “help” me?

Turns out to get the actual administration manual, I have to go to

That doesn’t look sketchy at all.

Seriously Imprivata: how can you be that stupid?

And, by the way, the documentation my co-worker wrote says that their administration web sites don’t work with anything other than IE (Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is in hospice care, and has been since last summer).

I get it, software is hard, and upgrades can be tricky. It takes time to not break things.

But hiding your user and administrator manuals is downright customer hostile.

Sigh. Everything would be fine if only Imprivata would do as I say. (But seriously, I wouldn’t be the only person helped if they didn’t try to make it difficult for me to figure out how it broke this time).

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