Minor traffic accident

No injuries, thank God. But some serious resentment at the old loser guy on the bicycle. First, he chose to deliberately cut off the kid in the minivan; then, he laughed at the kid when the kid honked at him. This infuriated the kid, but that was bad, because the kid’s attention was no longer focused on where the minivan was heading.

I happened to get a dash cam for Christmas, so here’s the video.

Full screen is good, because I figured out how to highlight the bicyclist while he was still on the sidewalk.

My little scream at the end is freaking hilarious. I’m sure to be a chick magnet now.

My car is pretty hurt. The fender was just barely not rubbing on the tire (and sometimes it was). The steering wheel needed to be at about 2 o’clock to drive straight down the road. I didn’t go faster than 25 MPH the whole way home (which made people behind me wonder).

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