More Factorio notes

I tried one belt each, of what I need to get to purple science. But I goofed, and didn’t extend the Stone belt where the Stone Bricks belt went, so I had to squeeze it in. D’oh!

So, at this stage of the game, I have (from left to right):

  • Low Density Structures
  • Blue Circuits
  • Batteries
  • Sulfur
  • Iron Plates (this belt should probably be four belts wide)
  • Copper Plates (this belt should probably be four belts wide, or perhaps two)
  • Green Circuits
  • Steel Plates (this belt should probably be two belts wide)
  • Stone Bricks
  • Stone Ore
  • Coal
  • Plastic
  • Red Circuits

So, in order of appearance, they went like this:

I should note that as I laid down my template of which resources would be in which belt lane, (when the research let let) I created Constant Combinators with the item to go on the belt. Factorio did not display which item, until I went to Settings –> Interface –> Show Combinator Settings in alt-mode

  1. Iron Plates
    1. Feeds green circuits
    2. Feeds red and green science
  2. Copper Plates
    1. Feeds green circuits
    2. Feeds red and green science
  3. Green Circuits
    1. Feeds red and green science
  4. Steel Plates
    1. Feeds Big Mall by SwaggoFlamingo – although I think I would like a more complete mall
  5. Coal
    1. Turns out Big Mall by SwaggoFlamingo needs stone bricks, so I built a smelter nearby, which needed coal
    2. Next up was black science, which needed coal and stone bricks, too
    3. Later, Plastic will need coal
  6. Stone Bricks
    1. Feeds black science
  7. Plastic
    1. Feeds red circuits
  8. Red Circuits
    1. Feeds blue science
  9. Sulfur
    1. Feeds sulfuric acid, which is needed for batteries
  10. Batteries
    1. Feeds yellow science
  11. Blue Circuits
    1. Feeds yellow science
  12. Low Density Structures
    1. Feeds yellow science
  13. Stone Ore
    1. Feeds purple science

Build order

  1. starter Iron mining and smelting
  2. starter Copper mining and smelting
  3. starter Stone drilling
  4. Starter base with red science, yellow belts and green circuits
  5. Electricity generation
    1. Boiler
    2. Offshore pump
    3. Steam engines
    4. Burner inserter
    5. Wooden box to store coal in, until a belt of coal can be delivered
    6. Small electric poles
  6. Iron mining (electric miners)
  7. Copper mining (electric miners)
  8. Coal mining (electric miners)
  9. Iron smelting
  10. Copper smelting
  11. Steel smelting
  12. Lay out main bus
  13. Green circuits
  14. Red and Green science
    1. Research Electric Energy distribution 1 to get steel towers
    2. Science labs
  15. Bolster electric mining and attach output to main bus
  16. Black Science
  17. Do not us Mike’s Mall – Yellow – I started with this, only to find that the factory that builds Medium Electric Pole and Big Electric Pole was missing the iron stick ingredient, and there was not a good space to add a factory which reached the iron plates belt line.
    1. Now I’m going to try Kitch’s Totally Practical Strip Mall – 3.0 (0.17 Update)

The other thing I did was combine the Unload 4 red train station by Nilaus with a medium buffer by Shaderon (which I doubled to do four lanes). The blueprint is here:

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