Bitnami WordPress automatic start of services

First off, KVM and QEMU are wonders of technology, and I’m thankful for those projects and their magic.

Background is that I made a default install of OpenSUSE 42.3.  I also tried OpenSUSE 15 (which is newer than 42.3, but whatever).

OpenSUSE 15 really did not like the Bitnami invocation of MySQL; but, it could be that I tried the initial install as a LAMP server, running at level 3.  With OpenSUSE 42.3, I tried an initial install as a KDE Desktop running at level 5, plus the LAMP server pattern.  That had worked in the past, so I wasn’t going to fight “well, at least this works”.

I did get the Bitnami stack installed and running.  I even got the default URL changed from “/wordpress/” to just “/”

Next step to accomplish, so I have a nice snapshot to revert to, is for the Bitnami stack to automatically start.  For whatever reason, searching for this information never easily comes up with results.  So I’m writing it down here.

cp installdir/ /etc/init.d/bitnami-APPNAME

Edit the file /etc/init.d/bitnami-whatever-you-named-it

Add this near the top:

# chkconfig: 2345 80 30
# description: Bitnami services

And run this:

chkconfig --add bitnami-whatever-you-named-it

Test with an init 6, and if you can get to your web site without having to start MySQL and Apache with the, then you’re good.

Take that snapshot!

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