The tension between help and usefulness (Apple Watch)

I have an Apple Watch, and it offers to help me to do things for better health. Wow is this thing being annoying – but I really like the idea of it’s help.

This last two weeks, I’ve been programming at work. I’m not a great programmer, and sometimes have to ponder stuff to figure out what I’m going to do next.

Just about the time (every time) I’m getting “in the zone” (so-to-speak), my Apple Watch pings at me, that it’s time to stand up and walk around. And drop out of “the zone”.

It’s a little weird, often when is pings at me, my physiological condition is that I’m a little light-headed. I don’t know if the Apple Watch actually has a monitor that can tell that. My suspicion is that there is just a timer going, and someone dreamt up the idea that the watch should insert itself into my consciousness once in a while, so I think of the box and recognize it’s value.

Problem is, it inserts itself into my consciousness as inopportune times (almost always), and I immediately react with “Fucking Apple Watch!”

Yet, I go talk a short walk, because I think the underlying idea is a good one.

I think it’s being helpful; but by interrupting my thinking time, it becomes anti-useful.

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