Update to AMD Ryzen 1700 and power sleep failure

I had written about a fix for my machine because it has a slightly older AMD Ryzen 1700 CPU. I recently re-installed an older version of OpenSUSE (wiping out the previous OS drive contents and replacing it). This did what I wanted it to do; but, it also wiped out the fix for the power sleep problem. I went back, and tried to implement the same fix, but it didn’t work. So here’s my note about a better fix.

I still am using the script in /etc/init.d which I named set_c6_acpi_state_disabled.sh

I did have to edit it to invoke python3 instead of just python.

# ScriptName=set_c6_acpi_state_disabled 
/usr/bin/python3 /home/blah/zenstates.py --c6-disable

zenstates.py can be found here.

But instead of messing with symbolic links to script files in places, I’m just adding a crontab entry to the root user:

@reboot /etc/init.d/set_c6_acpi_state_disabled.sh

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