Factorio blueprint Extended Starter Base

Extended Starter Base (45 SPM / RGMB Science / Mall)


• Inputs: 1.5 belts of Iron Ore, 0.5 belts of Copper Ore, 1 belt of Stone and Coal (one belt of Coal is enough to power the base*, smelters and produce all coal-required items); Petroleum Gas and Water (on either right or top side);

• 45 of Red, Green, Grey (Military) and Blue Sciences per minute (with circuit conditions countering the distance from the labs to insure no expensive science packs excess production);

• A (sorta spread-out) mall with all items you need early to pre-mid game including a big military wing with multiple Flamethrower Turrets/Explosive Cannon Shells factories and one Cliff Explosives factory;

• 15 Labs to fit the Lab Research Speed 2 research speed requirement;

• Only four Red Underground Belts needed at the very later stage of base building (Blue Science and Explosive Cannon Shells factories), no Red Belts needed up to that point;

• An empty 4×4 zone in the middle of the base for a Roboport to be placed later, covering up most of the chests with produced materials;

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